ClaroRead and other Claro Software

3 Keywords: ClaroRead, Text To Speech, Spell Checking

ClaroReadClaroRead Plus V5  is an updated version of  Claro Read for PC or Mac 2008.  The programs have many features that aid spell checking, reading and vocabulary support.  They use Omnipage for one button scanning of documents and allow the user to read with highlighted text that can be controlled via the keyboard or mouse.  Spell checking includes homophone checking and the use of a dictionary.  Fonts and lines can have additonal spacing in Word and e-mail, web pages and many other applications can have text to speech reading with a variety of synthesised voices.

In ClaroRead Plus v5 text areas can be greyed out to help users to concentrate on certain parts of the content but the progam comes with many additonal tools such as Claro Capture for collecting quotes and references.  There are also other applications including Claro ScreenRuler for magnification and selection of areas on the screen, Claro View for coloured overlays over the entire desktop viewing area and Claro Mindfull for mind mapping and generating ideas. 

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