Wireless - WiFi and Bluetooth

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mobile phone with bluetooth and wirelessWireless - WiFi and Bluetooth - what are the differences?  PC World offers this explanation: "Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both wireless networking standards that provide connectivity via radio waves. The main difference: Bluetooth's primary use is to replace cables, while Wi-Fi is largely used to provide wireless, high-speed access to the Internet or a local area network." 

Bluetooth can be useful over a short distance when you want to connect up handheld devices and peripherals such as printers. The symbol from Bluetooth.com is often found in your control panel if you have this type of connection on your computer or mobile phone.

Wi-Fi tends to be used over longer distances within organisations to link computers to an intranet or the internet or in public places when you want to use the internet and send e-mail.  Once again you will find a wireless symbol on your computer or handheld device and in your settings to enable you to set-up these connections, usually a series of curves coming from a dot or mast.



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