Microsoft OfficeTemplates

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CV Word template Microsoft OfficeTemplates  can be useful for making professional documents, databases and spreadsheets or presentation slides and many more office documents.  They are available for both Office 2007 and earlier versions.

There are test and quiz layouts with interactive sections, animated PowerPoints as well well spreadsheets with built in formulae and relational databases ready for content.

There are also a small collection of templates provided with Microsoft Office and you can make your own templates for future use.

Some layouts that are available online are rather American such as the CV or resume templates but they can be altered and just used to provide a guide.   They also tend to make use of Style sheets which can help accessibility - If you need to add a report  headings are useful if you need to make a table of contents once you have finished and you can check they are in place by using the Document map menu under View.

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