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LiveJournal homepageLiveJournal  is a freely available diary, blog type collaborative on-line service that also has a subscription version with an increased number of features.  It includes social networking features and is one of the more accessible journal type applications.  It does use a ReCaptcha system for logging in which is not the most accessible system but at least it has an audio option. 

"The whole site was relatively accessible and it worked well in WebbIE once you realised the secret to using the navigate to form to skip links as the login and other essential search forms appeared after a long list of tab links. The main problems were related to submitting items in fckeditor and a screen reader user would have to use HTML format but once again it worked better in WebbIE. Not all the alternative texts for images were in place or useful. Some links were unhelpful by being too long or just 'more'. It is possible to send voice notes and to have these transcribed." Web2Access (2008)

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