5 Keywords: References, Bibliography, Numerical Format, CiteUlike, EndNote

CiteULike is an online database that allows you to link and store references in a similar fashion to using EndNote. It is possible to add papers, book titles etc manually or via the web page where they are cited.  Usually much of the data  can be entered automatically as CiteULike extracts the details.  The software is used from the browser and you can access your own account from any computer.  

There is an Ariadne article that provides a full description of the service: Citeulike: A Researcher's Social Bookmarking Service.  It is possible to share your library or keep it private and you can search other people's libraries that may help your research.

There are accessibility drawbacks, although the web site is relatively easy to use and you can work around some of the issues. "You have to register using a Captcha although it has an audio version. This cannot be tabbed to with a keyboard in some browsers although WebbIE users can register. Due to the number of references on one page tabbing is not helpful and navigation to poorly labelled forms may occur. Text on the site can be very small and not comfortable to read and in some areas contrast levels are poor with small grey text on white - these can be enhanced using browser options. Tag sizes need to have greater contrast in sizes." (Web2Access)

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