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6 Keywords:, Open Office, Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Drawing, Database

OpenOffice WriterThe Open Office suite  or ( ) is free to download and comes with a word-processor (Writer) which allows files to be saved in the usual formats and exported directly to .PDF. The spreadsheet (Calc) feels very similar to Excel and the presentation tool (Impress) like PowerPoint but a slide show can be exported to Flash. Neither this application nor the drawing program (Draw) are accessible as yet. The database application (Base) can export in ,dbf that can be read by most database programs, There is a separate formula maker (Math) and macro editor.

It should be noted that an e-mail client and web browser will be needed to complete the suite. The latest version has a Multi-pane view, a Mail Merge Wizard and better database functionality and works with OpenDocument XML format. It also now has CustomShapes similar to Microsoft's AutoShapes.

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