Microsoft Word Tables and Columns

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Microsoft Word Tables and Columns can be used to organise text in a document.  They are easy to add but it is important to use headers and have the right data in the rows when using a table, so they can be read in the correct order by a screen reader.

There is an easy to follow video on inserting tables in Word 2003 from With Word 2007 the insert tab on the ribbon leads to the table insert button where you can add the grid or choose how you want the table to appear.

Tables allow you to sort data and use a layout with different widths, fonts etc which is easier to achieve in tables compared to columns.

select text for column formatColumns can be added to a document after the text has been written or whilst you are writing. There is a similar process for Word 2003 and Word 2007.

Column-formatted text looks more professional with the text balanced across the columns.

Word doc with columnsIn Word 2007 - Select and highlight the text you want to be in columns - go to the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon - select Columns choose the number required.

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