Impatica plug-in for PowerPoint

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Impatica for PowerPoint (Windows only) is a Java plug-in that converts PowerPoint files into a compressed video for running over the internet.  The files can be uploaded to a virtual learning environment like Blackboard.  The program allows you to include text, graphics, transitions, animation effects and audio to slides.  The main problem is that if you only have an Impatica presentation and do not provide the original slides for downloading, the content may be inaccessible.

Powerpoint slide in impaticaTechDis have an interesting article on the accessibility of Impatica when compared to Breeze and Flash presentations where "One test subject with visual impairment commented that the video controls and colouring used on the Impatica background were too small to see and it was not possible to alter the size or colour of the text and controls" - the picture shows Impatica from the Case study prepared by Dr Jo Badge, Web Resources Development Officer, School of Biological Sciences, University of Leicester.  However, overall the system does allow students to go over lectures again and if audio is included from the actual lecture it can enhance the use of the slides for many students especially those with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia.

Impatica offer a series of quick start guides about the software.

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