Dual Monitors plus Portrait mode

6 Keywords: Monitor, Dual Monitors, Screen, Portrait Mode, A4, Tablet PC

PC monitor in portrait modeUsing an extra monitor is not only helpful for those coding in computer science labs but also for students who find handling paper based materials difficult and need to be able to read documents from the screen whilst writing an essay or dissertation on another screen. 

Most computers can be set up to cope with this situation. A helpful page from Microsoft covers most issues when Using multiple monitors with Windows XP and they show how it is possible to have 4 monitors on the Vista team blog!  MacInstruct offer advice for Mac users wishing to use two monitors.

 Tablet PC in portrait modeFor some users it may be easier to set up one monitor in portrait mode so that entire documents can be read with very little vertical scrolling. This is possible with some desktop monitors and Tablet PCs.  

The Tablet PC can be connected to another monitor and both monitors will work when running Vista, but it may be the Tablet that needs to be turned into portrait mode by using it as a Tablet rather than a laptop! 

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