6 Keywords: Supernova, Visual Acuity, Eyesight, Visual Impairment, Screen Reading, Reading Web Pages

Supernova control panelSupernova includes full screen reading in speech and Braille with integrated magnification and works on any of the supported Windows platforms. It has magnification from 2x to 32x with five different viewing modes, font and Image smoothing for clear text and graphics. The colour changer offers a very wide range of hue and depth of colour changes for text and backgrounds as well as menus, mouse pointers and cursors. The button bar provides easy access for those who use a mouse in both the Doc Reader and the Control Panel. Words can be spoken when the mouse cursor is taken across the text. 

Tips and Tutorials for SuperNova can be found on the Dolphin pages and the RNIB have a technicall sheet on using computers with low vision.

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