Palm Tungsten E2

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Palm Tungsten E2The Palm Tungsten E2 is an electronic organiser with 320x320 colour TFT display and 32MB memory.  The device has five easy to use buttons with instant access to different programs and a middle button for 5-way navigation. The onscreen keyboard is rather small or there is the option of Graffiti hand writing recognition. Access to the web and e-mail depends on local availability and a mobile phone or other connection. It may require additional service plans sold separately with additional charges from a mobile and/or Internet service provider applying.  It can be used to hold audio and speech files with built in Bluetooth or use of a USB cable for synchronising with computers to add audio or other data files.

The University of Guelph offer a fact sheeting on using your PDA when studying.

Palm Boulevard offers a wide selection of software for the Palm PDA

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