Olympus DS40 and DS65 Recorder

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Olympus DS-40 recorderThe Olympus DS40 Digital audio recorder has 512MB of memory and the newer DS65 has 2GB. The times for recording vary but the average is 136 hours in WMA format with the chance to choose conference, lecture or dictation mode. They both have detachable stereo microphones. The record, stop and play buttons are on the right side of the recorder along with hold and power. The front face of the recorder has the menu controls with a round erase button. Actions come with various sounds so increasing the volume comes with bleeps or voiced advice such as cancel erase when the erase button is used. This is very helpful for those with visual impairments. The screen is backlit and clear on all versions and they have raised tactile buttons.

These recorders have been developed with the support of the RNIB with voice feedback for battery power (DS65) and folder names and can also be used for downloading podcasts. Olympus DS65

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