Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a much used speech or voice recognition package that allows users to dictate into the computer and see their speech transcribed into text.  This version works on Windows systems but there is an equivalent called MacSpeech Dictate for Apple Mac computers.

There are medical and legal versions and it is important to use the correct type of microphone to improve accuracy.

Microsoft Windows Vista has built in speech recognition as does the latest Apple Mac operating system.  These applications do not offer the same versatility as Dragon NaturallySpeaking in particular the Professional version as can be seen from the AbilityNet page showng a user making use of the mouse grid commands.  It also possible to develop macros when access to handheld imput device is difficult.

Blind users who wish dictate into their computer and work with JAWS can use special scripts that have been developed T&T Consultancy Ltd.


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