Braille - Duxbury

8 Keywords: Braille, Embosser, Blind, Visual Impairment, Duxbury, Perkins Brailler, Mountbatten, Tactile

BrailleBraille can be created electronically on numerous devices or a computer with programs such the Duxbury Braille Translator.  Once documents have been created they are then embossed by a specialist printer or directly on special paper with a manual  Perkins Braille embosser or Mountbatten.  Braille is a tactile print format that varies between countries but the UK has a Grade 1 or 2 format.  The latter contains contractions rather than letter for letter correspondence with the alphabet or numbers. 

It is worth remembering braille takes up around three times as much space as print.  On average the weight of Braille paper can be from 135 to 180 grams per square metre (gsm) with widths varying from 190 to 279 mm.