Google Docs

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Google docs home pageGoogle Docs is an online office suite whcih allows you to create and share documents on any computer that can acess the internet.  The suite uses menus that are similar to those found on most software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  It offers good version tracking, autotmatic save and backups as well as exporting clean HTML.  Once you have registered a Google account  you have access to their templates  for making and sharing documents along with setting up a calendar, using Google Reader or sharing photos.

Aspects of Google tools are keyboard accessible but once again much of the edit layout depends on using the right hand mouse menus and the menus are dynamic which does not help screen readers.  In the Presentation tools speaker notes can be added to the slides and text types and colours can be chosen by the user to offer easy to read slides. The doc sites zoom well with relatively good contrast levels but text tends to be small when it comes to menus etc.

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