iPad's Accessibility

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Image is from the Apple website

The Apple ipad is a tablet computer, which has a 9.7 inch touch screen, and a 10 hour battery life.

It also comes fully equipped with wi-fi, and full internet access, which allows for downloading apps straight onto the ipad. The iPad also has a full onboard keyboard, to allow typing to be an easier task.

The iPad is also good at viewing movies, photos, and listening to music.The iPad also makes a very good e-book reader.


 iPads Accessibility, the apple website describes the features and the accessibility of the ipad.

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MindMeister for the iPad is now avaliable from the iTunes store. This app organises notes, or to create and store brainstorming ideas.

The iPad as an Affordable Communicator : Initial Review, A person with cerebral palsy explores the potential of Proloque2Go app on an iPad .

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