JISC TechDis Toolbar

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JISC TechDis Toolbar

The JISC TechDis toolbar offers users the chance to have reading and spell checking support on many web pages when working in the most commonly used browsers.  It can be seen in use on the LexDis homepage and is easy to add as a bookmarklet or as downloadable toolbar that sits at the top of the web pages viewed.

It is designed to provide simple text to speech  and help with interactive web pages with a dictionary and spell check for forms that do not have their own spell checker.  So you can comment in a Blog having clicked on the spelling button and it will check what you are writing.  Complex words can be checked via the dictionary and if the text is not of a suitable size, colour or style this can also be changed on accessible web pages.  Some that use Flash or other embedded content will not work.  It is possible to capture the page's content for referencing later and reset the page if you do not like the settings you have chosen.  

The Lite version only works on the page you are working on but the download will stay with you whenever you load your browser.  The installation is a bit more complicated so try the Lite version first.

Bookmarking the Toolbar for Quick Loading

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