Image from google Summary Of Course Taken

In 2006 I completed an Higher National Diploma(HND) in Software Development. The course prepares the student for the role of software developer. It teaches the fundementals of using programming languages, such as JAVA, Visual Basic, and C++ to name a few. Other units which is also taught is project management, which teaches on how to effectively keep within time constraints, and costing. There is also a unit called Microsoft office solutions, which integrates Visual Basic into the MS Office applications such as Excel, Access, and Word to name a few. The idea behind this is to get the office applications to interact with each other. For example in Access a report would be created then it would link up with word to print out the invoice. 

The course also teaches on how to integrate the knowledge learnt from previous units to incoporate into final project. The final project is to test the students ability to put their knowledge into one coherent report.

This two year course teaches individuals the ability to create program applications to an industrial standard, which allows them to be ready for employment or carry on to a 2nd or final year of a degree.

Strategies Used

 While I was studying my course, I always found that note taking in lectures would be a painstaking task, as I would struggle to keep up with the pace of the lecturer's presentations. Then I came across Microsoft OneNote, which was part of the MS Office suite. OneNote allowed me to take my notes from lectures, and classes, with ease. Using OneNote gave me more time to type notes on my laptop, than joting down notes on a notepad. Using OneNote also made it easier for me to keep important notes together by putting them in a seperate section for easier organisation.

I also found that OneNote makes researching easier, by keeping information found on the Internet more organised with related content all together.  This made it easier for me to locate important articles for essays under different tabs. OneNote has made my life easier in seminars as well, as now I can take notes then organise them afterwards to help with revision.

I also used Windows Live Messenger to communicate with fellow students to discuss lectures. Messenger is something that I could not see myself not using now, that I found it an invaluable tool, by discussing and helping other students with our studies. Messenger is a great way to communicate with other students, who have the same problem with a particular task or research as I did.

I found out that if you have a problem with what you have to do, it is good to ask your lecturer, but I found that talking to others through social networking sites such as Messenger allows people to talk to others who are in the same boat. Talking to others you might not have thought may put you in a new direction that you may not have possibly thought of.