Strategy: Live Messenger for discussions about lectures and research

6 Keywords: Messenger, Lectures, Research, Communication, Live Messenger, MSN

MSN Live Messenger"I used Windows Live Messenger to communicate with fellow students to discuss lectures. I also found it an invaluable tool for helping other students with our studies.

Messenger was a great way to communicate with students, who had the same problem with a particular task or research as I did. Talking to others you might not have thought about something and they may put you in a new direction that you could not have possibly dreamt of."


"I found out that if you have a problem with what you have to do, it is good to ask your lecturer, but I found that talking to others through social networking sites such as Messenger allows people to talk to others who are in the same boat."

- Craig


Back up your Messenger contact list -  useful if you want to move all your contacts from one computer to another. Go to Contacts > Save instant messaging contacts